Real World Evidence and Digital Transformation in Focus: Q&A with Dr. Kavita Lamror

In our latest Real World Evidence (RWE) blog, we are privileged to converse with Dr. Kavita Lamror, the newly appointed Partner for RWE and Digital Transformation at Maxis Clinical Sciences (MCS). With a career that spans over 15 years in pharma and healthcare, Dr. Lamror brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and data analytics skills. Her leadership is poised to augment MCS’ capabilities in the RWE domain, aligning well with our organizational objectives and ethos.

At Maxis Clinical Sciences, Dr. Lamror will lead a variety of initiatives that range from refining RWE strategies to spearheading digital transformation efforts. Her role will also encompass the expansion of patient-centric solutions, fostering global health collaborations, and ensuring compliance in Real World Data (RWD) processing.

In this Q&A, Dr. Lamror will share her forward-looking perspective on the role of RWE at MCS, detailing the strategies she aims to put in place and how her team is prepared to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of this dynamic field.

Welcome, Dr. Kavita Lamror, and congratulations on your appointment as Partner, RWE and Digital Transformation at MCS. Your background is truly impressive. Can you tell us about your vision for Real World Evidence and how it aligns with MCS’ mission?

Dr. Lamror: Thanks for the warm welcome! I believe healthcare decision-making should be patient-centric. Real World Data captures information related to a patient’s health status and the delivery of healthcare through multiple sources outside of traditional clinical trials. As a result, RWD is powerful in documenting some patient experiences at the point of care, covered costs, and clinical outcomes experienced. However, there are life factors like social determinants of health that affect satisfaction, and experiences that impact outcomes. Data trends need to be interpreted in the context of patient life experiences to appropriately understand the RWE generated from various RWD sources. Since RWD is not generated for the purpose of scientific evidence generation, the data needs to be transformed to enable analysis. MCS has a legacy of enabling high quality, regulatory-grade custom and off-the shelf solutions for clinical trials and digital transformation. Considering the expertise of MCS, it is a natural evolution towards managing healthcare data and offering digital solutions originating from sources other than RCT. We aspire to build and provide robust RWE solutions and tools for ensuring better patient outcomes, efficient healthcare delivery systems, and overall better healthcare experiences.

You’ve been instrumental in developing key custom RWE products and merging and acquiring digital RWE product-based US companies. How do you plan to amplify the Real World Evidence Strategy at MCS?

Dr. Lamror: MCS has a large pool of in-house experts having a depth of experience in creating digital products for managing patient-level clinical data. We intend to leverage this expertise to build a robust infrastructure for digital solutions in Real World Evidence generation and dissemination. We aim to be a trustworthy advisory partner, who will consult and guide our clients towards the most practical, feasible and scientifically robust RWE solutions.

How are you and your team working to innovate in the field of Real World Evidence solutions, and what strategies are you employing to stay current with the latest developments and changes in this area?

Dr. Lamror: The life-sciences industries are making a conscious and focused effort to digitalize the existing Real World Data for optimum use across the product lifecycle. The healthcare industry intends to streamline and transform RWD according to the FAIR (findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability) principles of use. Our team at MCS is driven by this vision and aim to make structured and unstructured RWD available to decision-makers across the industry, and generate RWE from patient, healthcare practitioner, and payer perspective.

Collaboration and partnerships often play a crucial role in advancing the field of RWE. How do you plan to foster collaboration within MCS and with external partners, such as pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, to drive innovation and success in Real World Evidence solutions?

Dr. Lamror: Successful partnerships between internal and external stakeholders are key to achieving the RWE vision at MCS. In the recent years, the industry is trending towards value-based care and outcomes-based approaches. We are observing a planned, structured approach towards connecting the dots for the missing data points in the patient journey through wearables and e-health initiatives. While we plan to leverage our in-house expertise to build the RWE product portfolio and custom solutions, we also plan to collaborate with conventional and novel RWD providers for ensuring a seamless flow of RWD for our RWE products.

Digital Transformation is a buzzword in the industry. How do you envision leading Digital Transformation at MCS, especially in the context of RWE?

Dr. Lamror: A good strategy requires robust data and evidence. Technology is an enabler. The value of data lies in generating impactful insights. At Maxis Clinical Sciences, Digital Transformation ensures that the Real World Data meets the criteria for accuracy, completeness, validity, consistency, uniqueness, timeliness, and fitness for purpose, as well as accessibility of the RWE in a digestible, and compliant manner to a wide range of users.

Your role also includes Talent Identification and Nurturing Highly Skilled Teams. Can you elaborate on this aspect?

Dr. Lamror: Our hiring process follows a strict protocol to identify individuals with high potential to be recruited into our teams. These individuals are then nurtured to perform to the best of their capability by providing a wholesome and supportive environment. We provide options for an individual to choose the career path best-suited to their skill-set and provide opportunities to grow with the company. We have multiple individuals who have spent more than a decade at Maxis and continue to be the pillars of support for our growing organization. This itself is a testament to the fact that MCS invests in its people, which ensures a growth mindset culture. Such teams naturally strive to do their best and it reflects in our business, with high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

You have a rich background in academia, pharma, and the services sector. How do you think this diverse experience will contribute to MCS’ goals?

Dr. Lamror: MCS is evolving to provide RWE and Digital Transformation solutions to our stakeholders. I see myself as facilitator to the cause. The experiences I have collated over the years lead to an amalgamation of science, technology, and strategy. I aim to bring the right evidence to the right people at the right time.

Finally, what excites you the most about joining Maxis Clinical Sciences, and what can we expect in the near future?

Dr. Lamror: I am very excited to be a part of the MCS growth journey. It’s immensely gratifying to work with a team that’s committed to positively impacting patient lives and consistently delivering their best every day. We can look forward to exciting RWE product launches, collaborations, and more!

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