Patient-Centricity Meets Technological Innovation

Maxis Clinical Sciences: Your global strategic partner in outcome-driven clinical and drug development.

Maxis Clinical Sciences is a pioneering integrated research competence centre and specialised management consulting organisation in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector.

With a focus on patient-centricity and outcome-driven clinical and drug development goals, we have established ourselves as a global powerhouse in the industry, delivering innovative solutions and strategic advisory services.
Our Ethos
We are a collective of passionate individuals, driven by a shared ethos that shapes everything we do
Enriching lives with trusted expertize, unwavering transparency, & far- reaching networks
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Transforming clinical workflows & elevating patient outcomes through tailored, patient-centric solutions
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Facilitating swift decision- making via real-time data access & advanced analytical solutions

At MCS, we believe in shaping the present with a keen eye on the future.


Our mission is to elevate healthcare by focusing on what truly matters: the patient. We aspire to leverage our expertise and innovative technologies to create a healthcare ecosystem that is not only progressive but also centered around patient needs.

Our commitment extends to empowering organizations in the Pharma and Life Sciences sectors, enabling them to achieve sustainable growth and deliver exceptional patient care.


We see a future where we’re leading the charge in changing healthcare for the better, globally.

We want to be the go-to partner for organizations looking to make a real difference. Our goal is to help them grow, innovate, and set new standards in healthcare and life sciences.
Our Strength
We are Changing
Healthcare for the Better
Healthcare is always changing, and we’re right there at the cutting edge. But what really drives us is the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. We don’t just come up with smart plans; we roll up our sleeves and make them happen.

Our goal? To make healthcare more accessible and centered around you, using research and analytics to put patients front and center.
Our Story
Since our inception, we’ve been on a focused journey to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.
Our path has been marked by strategic collaborations, a steadfast commitment to innovation, and a global expansion that has solidified our reputation as a reliable partner for organizations around the world. Each milestone, serves as a testament to our dedication and the trust that our clients place in us.
Our milestones
What We Do
Our offerings encompass a broad range of services including Clinical Trial Monitoring, Functional Service Provider (FSP), Biometrics, Market Access, Strategic Management Consulting and Regulatory Affairs, fortified with profound expertise in Real-World Data (RWD) Analytics & Real-World Evidence (RWE), tailoring strategies to meet the unique demands of the healthcare and life sciences sectors.
Clinical Trial Excellence
Our seasoned professionals offer a 360-degree approach to Clinical Trial Management and Biometrics. From study design to endpoint adjudication, we handle every aspect, ensuring that your trials not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. Within this framework, Our Functional Service Provider (FSP) solutions offer specialized resources and services, tailored to your unique trial needs.
Real-World Evidence Solutions
Creating evidence with a purpose” is our guiding principle. We focus on generating real-world evidence that serves the diverse needs of stakeholders, from pharma companies to healthcare providers, always with the patient’s benefit at the core.
Technology-Enabled Patient Care
Our advanced technology platform captures the patient’s voice in the healthcare journey. This platform serves as a catalyst for innovation in patient care and healthcare solutions, gathering valuable real-world data.
Expert Advisory Services
With our specialized strategic consulting, we offer valuable insights to the life sciences, healthcare, and clinical research industries. Our expertise extends to market scans, partner alliances, and resourcing strategies, all grounded in meticulous research and advanced analytics.
Innovative Patient-Centric Solutions
We lead the way in utilizing digital health technologies to bring positive change in the healthcare industry. Our solutions focus on optimizing clinical development, healthcare delivery, and evidence generation, ensuring personalized care and improved patient outcomes.
Our global team comprises 300+ experts who bring 15-30 years of domain experience, ensuring exceptional knowledge and insights
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“Our aim to excel and innovate isn’t just about business success; it’s a commitment to making a real difference in people’s lives. We always put patients first, working to create a healthcare system that welcomes everyone and breaks new ground in treatment and care”
Divya Reddy
Founder and President

Our team

Divya Reddy
Founder and President
Arati Kapileshwari
Head, Business Operations, Clinical Services
Harbrinder (Harry) Ghumman
Chief People Officer
Dr. Kavita Lamror
Partner, RWE and Digital Transformation
Romit Bhalla
Director, Business Development, India
Willie Singh
Delivery Head, Clinical and Digital Managed Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Shrikant Ghaytadak
HR Leader
Sristi Shrestha
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