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ISPOR 2024

May 05 - May 08, 2024

Atlanta, GA, USA

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    Advancing Healthcare through Integrated Evidence Generation

    Maxis Clinical Sciences is dedicated to driving innovation, demonstrating value, and informing healthcare decision-making through our comprehensive approach to integrated evidence generation and management. Our cutting-edge approach to integrated evidence generation and management combines robust data infrastructure, advanced analytics capabilities, skilled talent, streamlined processes, and effective governance. Our evidence generation strategy spans the entire product lifecycle, from pre-launch to post-launch, addressing critical business questions through state-of-the-art descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and counterfactual analytics. By bridging the gap between clinical trials and real-world application, our innovative solutions empower informed decision-making and amplify the impact of advancements in healthcare.

    At ISPOR 2024, a premier event for RWE & HEOR thought leaders, we are excited to share our insights through podium and poster presentations. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with our experts at this event.

    Maxis Clinical Sciences offers a suite of RWE & HEOR services in generating robust evidence across various domains. With a strong focus on utilizing RWD and advanced analytics, Maxis Clinical Sciences offers expertise in:

    Join us at ISPOR 2024, a premier event that brings together RWE & HEOR thought leaders and experts from around the world to gain valuable perspectives on the latest methodologies, trends, and best practices in healthcare decision-making.

    Dr. Lamror brings over 15 years of healthcare industry experience to amplify RWE strategies. Her clinical background and an MPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, underpins her focus on RWE strategy enhancement, digital transformation leadership, and patient-centric solution expansion.

    She has led substantial projects and developed innovative strategies for RWE, with her work dedicated to utilizing data to improve patient health outcomes and drive healthcare innovation.

    Dr. Kavita Lamror
    Partner, RWE and Digital Transformation

    Khooshbu Singh, with a robust 12-year background in the Life Sciences sector, excels in developing business strategies for RWE & Digital Transformation. Her expertise in clinical trials and data management, supported by postgraduate degrees in Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Management, equips her with a comprehensive understanding of RWE needs.

    Her role is crucial in propelling growth and sparking innovation at Maxis Clinical Sciences.

    Khooshbu Singh
    Director – Business Development, RWE and Digital Transformation

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