Integrating Real-World Evidence (RWE) for Accessible Oncology Treatments | Cancer Survivors Month

In honor of Cancer Survivors Month, Dr. Kavita Lamror at Maxis Clinical Sciences shares her expertise on the importance of integrating real-world evidence in Oncology. Watch the video to learn how it can help understand underrepresented populations, rare cancers, and long-term treatment toxicities, and facilitate faster and more accessible treatments.

Key Takeaways

RWE offers valuable insights into real-world treatment patterns and patient outcomes. This data can complement RCT findings by providing a broader picture of a therapy’s effectiveness in everyday clinical practice.

  • Integration of RWE with RCTs can speed-up drug development and bring new therapies to patients faster. This is especially important in oncology, where rapid advancements are required for patients benefit.
  • The future of oncology research involves a strategic combination of RCTs and RWE. This approach can lead to more informed treatment decisions and improved patient care.
  • Regulatory bodies are accepting Real-World Evidence (RWE) alongside traditional Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) for oncology research and development. This combined approach holds promise for a more efficient and effective path to new cancer treatments.

Dr Kavita Lamror

Dr Kavita Lamror
Partner, RWE & Digital Transformation, Maxis Clinical Sciences

Dr Kavita Lamror, a key figure at Maxis Clinical Sciences, spearheads Real-World Evidence and Digital Transformation initiatives. Holding an MPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, her diverse career spans academia, pharma, and medical devices. At Maxis, she leverages her data analytics prowess and evidence-based approach to elevate patient health outcomes. Before her tenure at Maxis, Dr Lamror directed global RWE studies for cardiovascular and central nervous system products at leading pharmaceutical companies. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in the development of custom RWE products and in transforming Value Evidence functions into revenue-generating verticals.

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