Functional Service Provider

Maxis Clinical Sciences is a complete service staffing and clinical solution partner that provides you with the experts to carry out clinical trials—when and where you need them.

At Maxis Clinical Sciences, we believe that outsourcing should never come at the expense of quality. Offering a wide range of qualified and proven teams boost your resource capacity and supplement with a specialist, or a team of specialists across clinical data management, statistical programming, CDISC standardization, central monitoring, patient reported outcome management.

Our FSP Offers the “First Pass Effect”

What is First Pass Effect? The first pass effect is a phenomenon that occurs in the pharmaceutical industry, where a drug is absorbed into the bloodstream at a higher rate and is consumed for the first time.

At Maxis Clinical Sciences, we aim to deliver this first-pass effect to our clients. Hence adding more feathers to our FSP services by acclimatizing with the culture and becoming a true extension of your team.

We know how stressful when you’re not in control of your data, and regulatory submission timeline is slipping out of control. Every aspect of our service is crafted as per your business-oriented goals, and we’re putting efforts to improve ourselves for maintaining efficiency, scalability, accessibility, quality, and compliance.

We offer risk-mitigating guidance from experts in their fields, as well as access to completely open communication channels, so you can stay informed with real-time market activities.

Our services are designed keeping optimal efficiency in mind; the services-accelerators and digital delivery model will reduce costs and save time when it comes to clinical data management, statistical programming, CDISC, central monitoring, and more.

Plus, we’ll give all the essential business tools —–to remain fully engaged in every step of the process—no matter where you are.

Your Team Your Way; Your Results Our Promise.

What Makes FSP An Integral Business Aspect?

In life sciences, programmers, data analysts, medical writers, clinical experts, biostatistics, clinical data manager and experts play paramount roles at some point in working.

However, it seems a remote feasibility for an organization to carry out full-time employment for all experts. Some requirements may arise at the project’s beginning, middle, or end. Further, the process of recruiting experts/specialists out of the blue may lead to a precarious situation.

Therefore, we aid clients by rendering the most reliable, experienced, skilled, award-winning, and a brilliant team of statisticians, pharmacovigilance, medical writers, and more listed below.

  •  Central Monitoring
  •  Clinical Study & Project Management
  •  Clinical Data Management
  •  Statistical Programming
  •  CDISC standardization
  •  Biostatistics
  •  Pharmacovigilance
  •  Regulatory Operations
  •  Medical Writing
  •  Medical Affairs
  •  Translational Medicine

Maxis Clinical Sciences respects an organization’s cultural values, authenticity, and multiplicity of resources. Thus, we hook you with leaders to help reach horizons.

Why Not Tailor FSP development To Accelerate Your Clinical Development?

Accelerate the process of your clinical development with Functional Service Provider (FSP) models that deliver a flexible combination of functional expertise, resource management, and technology-based solutions to address the need of global reforms.

We understand designing is the key solution – including experts, knowledge and technologies to optimize your clinical development performance.

Let’s Discover The Value of FSP Models:

In that sense, FSP retains control in the house of clinical monitoring.

  •  Scalability, with the ability to acclimatize to any change
  •  Resource management that offers flexibility and stability
  •  Keep, share or delegate responsibility, while maintaining business continuity
  •  Cost-effective, meticulous & time-bound delivery
  •  Innovation and functional integration, to accelerate time to market
  •  Greater visibility and control through collaborative working style

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