The IntelliThera Platform

A robust foundation to streamline and secure digital health initiatives and connected care collaborations for healthcare innovators and patient well-being.

A Tailored Platform for Digital Health
IntelliThera stands as the foundation of our digital health endeavors.

Utilizing the latest in mobile and cloud technologies, IntelliThera is meticulously crafted to empower digital solutions that support both patients and healthcare teams throughout the continuum of care.

Incorporating custom modules for the creation and implementation of clinical decision-support systems, along with a suite of adaptable templates and interoperable processes, IntelliThera provides a suite of components for digital health applications. It boasts a comprehensive catalog of clinical algorithms ready for deployment, all customizable to meet the specific requirements of our partners.

Hosted securely in the cloud, IntelliThera is a versatile platform that

Ensures the protected capture, storage, and transfer of data from patient reports and sensor readings. This data is transformed into actionable dashboards, detailed reports, and insightful analytics to bolster therapy management and patient monitoring from afar.

Facilitates patient self-care by offering tailored advice in response to health and treatment data, all within the framework of a care plan crafted by healthcare professionals. For example, our platform can assist with medication adherence and symptom tracking.

Is accessible through widely-used personal devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring ease of access for all users.

A Trusted and Compliant Framework for Digital Therapeutics

Developed to align with the stringent standards and regulations that govern Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), IntelliThera ensures a secure and reliable experience for both patients and healthcare professionals

Digital health applications built upon IntelliThera adhere to rigorous risk management and vigilance protocols, have been proven in clinical trials, and have achieved regulatory endorsements in key global markets. IntelliThera’s reliability is underscored by its support of numerous regulatory approvals, facilitating the swift and safe deployment of digital health projects from concept to market.
A Flexible and Universal Platform
IntelliThera provides a range of ready-to-use modules that can be applied across various therapeutic domains, including but not limited to:

Digital Prescription Integration

Care Coordination and Management

Patient Engagement and Support

Advanced Data Insights

Safety and Oversight

Security and Performance

Robust Security Measures

Optimized Performance

Let's Innovate Together

Considering a step up in patient care with our advanced digital health solutions? We’re available to discuss partnerships or to clarify any inquiries you might have. Reach out to learn how we can adapt our technology to suit your needs and achieve exceptional outcomes.