Managed Staffing Services

Are you looking for innovative ways to bring talent into your business?

If so, you’re not alone. According to the Staffing Industry Analysts, 66% of companies surveyed have some Managed Service Program (MSP) in place.

Maxis Clinical Sciences is a spin-off of a larger life sciences technology company that has been catering needs of life sciences clients for more than two decades. We have dedicated teams to support MSPs: we handle flexible work arrangements, including temporary staffing, independent contractors, freelance and gig workers, payrolled talent, background verifications, performance assessment and statement of work (SOW) suppliers—and regulate procedures to keep harmony at the workplace.

Understanding the fluctuations in workload and demand for specific skill sets is at our core. We’ve provided a variety of staffing solutions across all aspects of the life sciences industry—including pharma, biotech, CRO and medical devices — for over two decades now.

Delivering MSP Solutions for More than 15 Years in:

  •  Payroll Management
  •  Medical Writing
  •  Drug safety & PV
  •  Pre-Clinical
  •  Clinical Operations
  •  Regulatory and Quality Affairs
  •  Clinical Data Management
  •  Statistical Programming
  •  CDISC Standardization
  •  Supply Chain and more.

MSP Models:

Supplier-funded and Client-funded are the two most popular MSP models. With the supplier-funded model, there is no engagement of the client. Hence, the invoice is billed directly by the supplier. Though the probability of receiving the best talent is very low.

On the flip side, a client-funded model, an agreement as a knot of commitment, takes place. It may cost a bit higher compared to the first model. However, the benefit is at par with supplying top-quality resources in minimum time.

Benefits of MSP:

Often, organizations are unaware of workers’ behind-the-scenes theory. Where and how they are coming from, they don’t have that microscopic view and compliance with their workforce practices. It may prove unfruitful and uneventful if not managed using the right technique.

Thus, Managed staffing programs are the critical factor that assists you in:

  •  Integration with the vendor management system
  •  Complexity of hiring in running time
  •  Give access to find desired talent
  •  Maintains accountability & performance
  •  Leadership & expert assessment

Riding further and setting benchmarks on business opportunities, we ensure you stay consistent with newly driven talent at all hierarchies & levels of the organization.

Executive Search Services

Our Life Sciences Consulting Services provide you with the expertise to fully optimize your business beyond unthinkable to tackle modern day challenges in the healthcare industry.

Services We Offer:

● Business Model Transform

● Technology Advisory Services | Digital Strategies

● Talent Mapping and Leadership Advisory Services

● Commercial and Market Mapping Strategies

We help you build patient-centric businesses to drive transparent and measurable value creation through end-to-end transformation, so you can be confident what you’re building and will lead to thriving business.

If you’re looking for a partner who help you deliver integrated, end-to-end Life Sciences Strategic Consulting Services, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Our consulting services include:

– Business Model Transformation (BMI)

– Technology Advisory Services | Digital Strategies

– Talent Mapping and Leadership Advisory Services

– Commercial and Market Mapping Strategies

We know transparency and measurable value creation are key business pillars. We’ll work closely to ensure that all your business goals are met.

Our proprietary approach to life sciences strategic consulting services keep understanding the business needs to erect business model transformation, technology advisory services & digital strategies.

We can help you with Business Model Transformation, Technology Advisory Services & Digital Strategies, Talent Mapping and Leadership Advisory Services, Commercial and Market Mapping Strategies, and more.

We believe in creating a patient-centric business that employs transparent and measured value creation practices. By working with us, you can achieve your business goals with our end-to-end transformation.

Talent and Leadership Consulting

We know leadership is critical to success of any business, especially when there is talent crunch. Consequently, talent search is extensive and finding the right balance between quality and time spent on the search is crucial for digital, transparent, measurable and quick solutions.

At Maxis Clinical Sciences, we go by principles that keep customers, trust, results and simplification at the core of our values for decades, supporting world’s largest and reputed global pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations to cater hiring challenges.

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Our Process:

We can go beyond the conventions to judge better talent so we can recommend people who fits in our cultural model.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated consultant or a team, who will take the time to understand your consultative approach needs. Our specialists are organized into multi-specialty teams, which enable us to draw talent from across the organizations for desired expertise.

Our specialist consultants understand the core needs of the job, organization culture and techno-functional expertise, enabling them to deliver efficiently across functional domains – be it Life sciences’ commercial, R&D, Manufacturing, Medical, Regulatory, Supply Chain, etc.

Our Success-Driven Talent Mapping Model::

Many companies waste time and money on the wrong processes and end up hiring half-cooked talent.

Traditional, manual processes mitigate the efficiency as it is prone to errors, which slows down the hiring process. That’s why we’ve designed digitally exhilarated talent matching algorithm that runs on our proprietary database containing over 500,000 pre-screened talents, which makes our talent mapping more efficient. As it allow focusing on understanding customer needs and relationship management as opposed to sourcing.

We inculcate open, transparent and focused approach on customer success. We share information wide and deep, so you’re always in the mix. And because we collaborate throughout every step of the process, you can rest assured knowing that each candidate is an ideal business fit.

We’ll help you achieve your goals with thorough 30-, 60-, and 90-day planning, onboarding support, and consistent feedback from both sides—so everyone can stay informed and productive.

We are a trusted FSP provider with over 20 years of life science industry experience.

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Functional Service Provider

Maxis Clinical Sciences is a complete service staffing and clinical solution partner that provides you with the experts to carry out clinical trials—when and where you need them.

At Maxis Clinical Services, we believe that outsourcing should never come at the expense of quality. Offering a wide range of qualified and proven teams boost your resource capacity and supplement with a specialist, or a team of specialists across clinical data management, statistical programming, CDISC standardization, central monitoring, patient reported outcome management.

Our FSP Offers the “First Pass Effect”

What is First Pass Effect? The first pass effect is a phenomenon that occurs in the pharmaceutical industry, where a drug is absorbed into the bloodstream at a higher rate and is consumed for the first time.

At Maxis Clinical Sciences, we aim to deliver this first-pass effect to our clients. Hence adding more feathers to our FSP services by acclimatizing with the culture and becoming a true extension of your team.

We know how stressful when you’re not in control of your data, and regulatory submission timeline is slipping out of control. Every aspect of our service is crafted as per your business-oriented goals, and we’re putting efforts to improve ourselves for maintaining efficiency, scalability, accessibility, quality, and compliance.

We offer risk-mitigating guidance from experts in their fields, as well as access to completely open communication channels, so you can stay informed with real-time market activities.

Our services are designed keeping optimal efficiency in mind; the services-accelerators and digital delivery model will reduce costs and save time when it comes to clinical data management, statistical programming, CDISC, central monitoring, and more.

Plus, we’ll give all the essential business tools —–to remain fully engaged in every step of the process—no matter where you are.

Your Team Your Way; Your Results Our Promise.

What Makes FSP An Integral Business Aspect?

In life sciences, programmers, data analysts, medical writers, clinical experts, biostatistics, clinical data manager and experts play paramount roles at some point in working.

However, it seems a remote feasibility for an organization to carry out full-time employment for all experts. Some requirements may arise at the project’s beginning, middle, or end. Further, the process of recruiting experts/specialists out of the blue may lead to a precarious situation.

Therefore, we aid clients by rendering the most reliable, experienced, skilled, award-winning, and a brilliant team of statisticians, pharmacovigilance, medical writers, and more listed below.

● Central Monitoring
● Clinical Study & Project Management
● Clinical Data Management
● Statistical Programming
● CDISC standardization
● Biostatistics
● Pharmacovigilance
● Regulatory Operations
● Medical Writing
● Medical Affairs
● Translational Medicine

Maxis Clinical Services respects an organization’s cultural values, authenticity, and multiplicity of resources. Thus, we hook you with leaders to help reach horizons.

Why Not Tailor FSP development To Accelerate Your Clinical Development?

Accelerate the process of your clinical development with Functional Service Provider (FSP) models that deliver a flexible combination of functional expertise, resource management, and technology-based solutions to address the need of global reforms.

We understand designing is the key solution – including experts, knowledge and technologies to optimize your clinical development performance.

Let’s Discover The Value of FSP Models:

In that sense, FSP retains control in the house of clinical monitoring.

• Scalability, with the ability to acclimatize to any change

• Resource management that offers flexibility and stability

• Keep, share or delegate responsibility to IQVIA, while maintaining business continuity

• Cost-effective, meticulous & time-bound delivery

• Innovation and functional integration, to accelerate time to market

• Greater visibility and control through collaborative working style

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Digital Transformation Services

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